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Unilever celebrates Brazilian women’s ‘beautiful brains’

Do It Day, which is set to take place on November 2, follows Plan It Day - a marketing hack event hosted by The Drum, whereby 10 international brands challenged the marketing industry’s top minds to solve set briefs in a bid to make the world a better place. Unilever threw down the gauntlet, setting as its goal a way to connect aspiring young businesswomen in Brazil with role models, inspiring them and providing practical guidance.

The idea to celebrate ‘belo cérebro’ originated from the statistic that 95 percent of Brazilian women would like to alter their body in some way, despite the fact that 43 percent of businesses in Brazil are run by women.

The plan is to create a networking opportunity for women via a mobile optimized social community to provide guidance for would-be female entrepreneurs. Similar to Tinder, the site would classify each member’s brain type to link them with like-minded mentors.

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