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PourMyBeer Partners with Brazilian Entrepreneurs to Bring their Beer Technology to South America.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) June 16, 2015.  A guy walks into a busy bar and doesn’t feel like waiting for someone to pour his beer, so he finds a self-serve tap and pours it himself… Wait, what? That’s not the norm yet, but with over 30 locations across the United States scheduled to implement PourMyBeer’s self-serve beer wall and beer table technology in the coming months, it soon will be. This innovative method of dispense is a win/ win for everyone involved. 

The customers win because they don’t have to wait for service and can sample and taste beers from any of the self-serve taps in the bar or restaurant. The owners win because they are taking the possibility of poor service out of the equation. They are also selling every ounce of beer that is dispensed from their kegs vs. losing 23% (the national average for spillage from kegs) of their inventory due to inefficiencies like waste, theft and spillage.

Lastly, with the sampling capabilities of the system, increased sampling of a variety of beers is now a reality without having to give it away. The proprietary high definition touch screens above every tap display tasting notes, alcohol content and a short and long description about each libation.

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